Where is this place?

WashingCon is being hosted at the Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center in the heart of the Georgetown University campus in NW DC. You can call them at 202-687-3200.

How should I get there?

We will be providing free shuttles all day to and from the Foggy Bottom Metro station. Just like last year the shuttles will drop you off right at the front door. The Circulator bus is also a great option. It runs all day, drops you off right at the campus and only costs $1.

I'm not taking my copy of Gloomhaven on the Metro.

There is a parking lot attached to the Conference Center so there will be plenty of parking but it's not free. It costs $25/day which really isn't that much if you carpool. There are other parking garages that cost less but they are a 10-15 minute walk from the building.



I don't want to go home. Can I spend the night?

Absolutely! We would love people to spend the night. The main hall of the convention will be closing at 11:00 pm on Saturday but a subsection of the event space will be open until 3am and the hotel is connected to the Leavey Student Center at Georgetown University which operates 24 hours a day. So, book your room at the hotel and let the gaming continue into the wee hours of the morning!

I'm gonna get hungry.

Just like last year the event will be catered! The conference center will provide prepared foods for sale right in the convention. In addition there are several restaurants on the campus including a Deli, a Starbucks, a Chick-Fil-A (on Saturday), a small grocery store, and a cafeteria that is open 24hrs.